About The Program

Our full stack web developer course program is designed to teach you the technical and professional skills to help you find the job your deserve. You’ll attend live, online lectures that are highly interactive in nature.

Course Modules

Our course modules are broken down into two difficulty levels, based on your programming experience you can choose to join the 'Foundations to JavaScript Course' before taking the entrance test, or you can choose to take the entrance test directly. Once you clear the entrance tests, you will be enrolled the 'JavaScript Data Structures & Algorithms Course', which is a pre-requisite to enroll in the Full-stack MERN program.

Foundations to JavaScript Course

All the basics and foundations of JavaScript for beginners (Optional)

$ 0 40 Hours

  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Introduction to VS Code
  • Introduction to Git
  • Basic problem-solving ability
See Syllabus

JavaScript Data Structures & Algorithms Course

Intermediate and advanced Data Structures & Algorithms (Mandatory Pre-requisite)

$ 0 240 Hours

  • Advance JavaScript Concepts
  • Critical Problem Solving
  • Competitive Programming
  • Full-stack Program Qualifier
See Syllabus

Full-stack MERN Program

This program is a combination of tuition and career building training

ISA Up to 2000 Hours

  • HTML & CSS
  • NodeJS & ExpressJs
  • ReactJs & MongoDB
  • Career Training
See Syllabus

Upcoming Courses

To Be Announced

Course: Foundations to JavaScript

Course Duration: 20 x 120 min sessions

Application Deadline: NA

To Be Announced

Course: Data Structures and Algorithms

Course Duration: 30 x 8 hr sessions

Application Deadline: NA

Additional Benefits

Join the Mclaren College community and get access to all the benefits listed below

Weekly Mentoring

All our courses have a weekly mentoring session, for additional doubt solving and skill development.

Access to Alumni Network

Once you get enrolled in any of our courses, you will have access to our community and alumni network.

International Peer Groups

Our courses are open to anyone from across the world, looking to learn computer programming.

Dedicated Teachers and TA's

Batch sizes are carefully designed to have a healthy student to teacher ratio, increasing maximum impact.

Practice Working on Projects

Intensive tuition assignments, ensure that you get enough hands-on practice working on projects at scale.

Constant Feedback and Improvement

Via manual assignment assessments and live feedback loops, you’re constantly on the path to improvement.

Soft Skills and Ethics Training

As part of the professional training period of the main program, you will be trained to brush up your work ethics and soft skills.

Career Path Guidance

Get professional help from our staff, in understanding how to navigate your new career path.


How Our Program Works

To enroll in our main Full-stack program, you would require to complete and pass the qualifying rounds described briefly below.

1. Apply Online & Chose Your Track

To join our program, register on our website and choose the right track depending on your JavaScript experience level. You can choose to join the live 40-hour “Foundations to JavaScript Course” or join the waitlist for our entrance tests directly.

2. Pass The Entrance Test & Interview

You will be required to complete a timed skill challenge, which will test your JavaScript fundamental concepts and participate in a short interview with us. You will need to pass this test & interview to proceed to the next stage.

3. Join & Complete The Data Structures & Algorithms Course

This live 240-hour Data Structures & Algorithms course will require intensive study, time-bound challenge completion, commitment and determination. We want to prepare you for our rigorous Full-stack Mern Program.

4. Pass The Interview & Sign The ISA

As the last qualifying stage, we will host a short interview with your Guardian (co-signer) and you, after which all parties will sign the Income Share Agreement (ISA) and the remaining admission formalities will be completed.

5. Join & Complete The Full-stack Program

The Full-stack MERN Program is a combination of 500+ hours of tuition and 1500+ hours of professional training. We expect that you will get a full-time job and start earning above the defined income threshold by the end of this program.

6. Start Earning And Pay It Forward

Start earning a monthly income that crosses the income threshold then pay back. The details such as the income threshold, percentage of income & duration of payment will be defined in the ISA that relates to the cohort you join.

Eligibility & Requirements

These are mandatory requirements to join any of our courses. If you do not match the below requirements, we suggest that you solve for them and signup at a later stage.

Must Haves

  • Great internet connectivity, with 4 Mbps for download and 2 Mbps for upload

  • A computer or laptop with a minimum of 4 GB RAM

  • Web camera and earphones/ headphones with great audio and video output

  • Ability to communicate in English with a Professional Working Proficiency

  • 18+ years of age

  • Must dedicate 60 mins per week to participate in mentoring sessions

Read our Income Share Agreement (ISA)

We do not charge any up-front fees for our course; our fees are charged as a percentage of a student's income after they graduate from our course and start earning a programming income above a stipulated threshold. Depending on the cohort, the threshold and payment terms differ. Along with paying us a percentage of your programming income, you will have to commit to spending 2 hours per week with Mclaren College alumni till your pay back term is complete.

Entrance Challenge Examples

Here are two examples of entrance technical test challenges and their difficulty level which can be compared to
the challenges rated as 7 KYU on codewars.com

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