About McLaren College

Mclaren College is an online school designed to identify and train people from lower economic countries for software engineering careers who otherwise may not have such an opportunity. We aim at helping students, from varying educational and professional backgrounds, to achieve careers that have a high market demand, which will significantly boost their lifetime income.

We're focused on helping disadvantaged people improve their living standard through online education. We measure our success by the number of people we help pull out of poverty.

Our courses are designed to be rigorous with a high difficulty level, since we want our graduates to be among the top programmers in the industry. Our focus is not only teaching our main program students but also helping the applicants who didn’t make it through the qualifying rounds via our beginner and intermediate level programs.

Courses Offered

Our Team

  • Image of Mark McLaren

    Mark McLarenAustralia

    Course Director

    Mark has over 20 years of experience in professional software development while creating multiple companies and working with the top banks like Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital and Bank of America.

  • Image of Arnav Puri

    Arnav PuriIndia

    Lead Instructor

    After graduating from IIT Bombay, Arnav has been teaching programming in a practical manner for the past 8 years. Instead of development he's focused on helping people land their dream jobs.

  • Image of Abhishek Shrivastava

    Abhishek ShrivastavaIndia

    Teaching Assistant

    Before being a part of McLaren College's pilot batch, Abhishek was a Math tutor for 12 years, and then turned into a full-stack developer. With his combined experience, of tutoring and programming, he is also a patient and understanding.

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